Astrology Charts/ Medicine Wheel/ Intuitive Readings

Do you have questions in life?  Are you wondering if you are on the right path? Astrology Charts, “Power Animal” Readings and  Channeling sessions will be gladly done to help you connect with your own inner wisdom.  Rev. Terri uses a variety of methods to contact your own higher wisdom.  Through contact with your Higher Self, Rev. Terri can return with information that may be helpful for you in whatever situation in life that you are dealing with. She may also channel loved ones who have passed on, spirit guides, or your “animal totems” as your own Higher Self requires.

1) Astrology (natal) Charts:  These include an in-depth report about your specific characteristics, needs and goals in life.  The report will be at least 5 pages, usually a lot more! It will come with a half-hour phone or in person meeting to discuss the chart.  Many people have received amazing feelings of healing when receiving this type of reading.  This is because Rev. Terri always works with your energy in a positive, uplifting way.  She pinpoints your innate strengths and areas for growth, so that you will achieve your highest potential.  

Astrology charts and reading: only $ 75.00 ! 

2) “Power Animal” Card Readings:  Many Native American tribes believe that the animals of the earth are our elder brothers and sisters.  They are here to guide us and educate us on how to lead a happy, balanced life.  Rev. Terri makes no claims to be Native American, yet she has lived close to the land for most of her life.  She has an affinity to working with Nature and animal spirits.  Those who have received “Power Animal” readings from her have reported great accuracy in the guidance that was given.   These readings are done with the greatest respect and sensitivity.

Readings can be done in person, by email or on the phone.  Rates include an hour-long reading, only $ 40.00. 

Please note: Rev. Terri holds the highest ethical standards, including confidentiality.  Remember, when you are receiving intuitive readings you need to decide what is true for YOU.  Readings are never meant to be a substitute for financial, legal or any other advice that you may require. They are for spiritual guidance only. 

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