Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling is actually an ancient practice of working with a trusted confidant to holistically heal one’s inner self.  This can be a wonderful way to look at your life issues within a spiritual context.  It is like talking with an old friend, who has only your best interests at heart.  Finally, you have found someone who will truly listen to you…in a comprehensive, holistic way.  Everything you say and feel is viewed through the lens of seeing you as a WHOLE person, already capable of your highest and best life.  Spiritual counseling means everything will be done with great reverence.  Silence and prayer are used as tools to find your own inner Truth.  You will be given the space you need to plan your own, perfect next steps.

Rev. Terri will work with you in a non-judgmental, caring and open way.  While you are on your sacred journey, she will help you to identify your deepest feelings, needs and goals.  She will gently help you accomplish the dreams of your soul.   People of all faiths, backgrounds, lifestyles and needs are encouraged to give this ancient way of counseling a try.  This is not a substitute for traditional psychotherapies and counseling, but Rev. Terri is happy to work with your other therapeutic professionals to create a comprehensive program to fit your needs.

Spiritual counseling sessions can be done in person, via email or on the phone.  Your time will be individually tailored to suit YOU. Perhaps you simply need one or two sessions.  Or you may have lifelong issues to sort out with someone who cares. Spiritual counseling can reconnect and renew your life.  Rev. Terri is simply here to offer your spirit a helping hand and loving heart.


The first session is FREE. This is simply to see if we will be a match for spiritual counseling. It will be about half an hour. If we proceed, the schedule of sessions and payment methods would be mutually agreed upon.    

RATES:  One hour sessions are $40.00.  If you wish to have your Astrological (natal) chart or other readings done, this is completely optional and at an additional charge.

Please note that Rev. Terri is not a licensed therapist, psychologist or “MSW.” If you feel the need those types of services, please go to your health care provider, local mental health agency or other resource center. Spiritual counseling is for religious or spiritual guidance only and no other claims are made or implied.

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