FORGIVE AND LET LIVE – a new novel

The first draft is finally ready!  I am sending it to a few trusted friends and family for what they call a “beta read.”  They will send back all their helpful and loving suggestions.  I will do some re-writes.  Then comes the publishing!  I am so looking forward to the entire process.


It snowed today, April 8th.  It snowed pretty hard in the morning, which depressed a lot of people.  We all thought the winter was over, but just like that, SNOW.  I think life is like that.  We are only disappointed when we have our expectations ruined.  If we lived in the moment with no set expectations of what “should” happen, we might be happier.  But we also want to set high aspirations and attain great things in life.  This is a quandary.  How do we set high and attainable expectations, while still living in the moment? It is a fine balancing act, to be sure.  One way of dealing with this is to allow our hopes and expectations to be one part of the moment, just one aspect.  Perhaps we can allow other aspects into our moment.  Aspects like serendipity and surprise and yes, even disappointment.  Living life doesn’t mean living without moments of sadness and disappointment.  It means living WITH these things.  Making it all part of everything.  Dealing with each thing as it comes.  ACCEPTANCE of what we wanted and what we got.  And today, we got snow.  Tomorrow we will get flowers.  Spring is coming – I promise!!

House Concerts – the best and latest thing !!

On Friday, May 1st, the Sanctuary put on what is called a “House Concert.” This event helps local musicians connect to people who love good music. In this case, the musicians were Tom Staudle and Cosby Gibson. They played for quite awhile to a very enthralled audience. Their musical style is down-to-earth yet also uplifting. We were all blessed by the experience. You can check them out on YouTube and go to Cosby’s website for more info. Let her know you heard about her through the Sweet Hill Sanctuary!

Retreats, Weddings, Counseling

Rev. Terri Performs an Outdoor WeddingRev. Terri says, “I know I am here to help people reconnect with their deepest spirituality. I believe that within each person is the Truth that will “set them free.” In starting Sweet Hill Sanctuary, the Interfaith Retreat Center I am starting in upstate NY I hope to help people on a deeper, and more joyful level. You can contact me to make arrangements for a visit, spiritual counseling or to book a wedding.”   OR CALL (315) 429 – 3719