People ask me why I am “Interfaith”


People always ask me to join their church.  While I really appreciate the companionship and friendliness of this, I rarely do attend a formal church.  I prefer to spend my Sunday mornings (and in fact, every morning) in silent meditation.  I feel this practice brings be closer to the love and compassion of God. I also feel close to the spirit of Jesus and Buddha and the list of Holy Men and Women goes on and on…  Well, I guess that makes me “Interfaith.”
What exactly is “Interfaith”??  This means different things for different people.  For me, it means that I look for the ways that we all connect, rather than how we may be different. All cultures and spiritual traditions have something important to offer humanity. Ever since I was 13 years old I have studied the spiritual traditions of the world.  I love finding out what they have in common. Every religion shares something akin to the “Golden Rule.”  That is, do not harm others. This is easier said than done! It is one of the simple answers to the world’s complex problems. If everyone truly followed this rule, including those in positions of power, then we would create lasting world peace.

Also, Interfaith means a daily practice of being completely PRESENT. Again, this sounds easy, right? That is, until you actually try it! Being present means that I will connect to everyone I encounter, as fully as possible. This includes you, who are reading this. I actually feel your presence right now. Thank you!

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